Together COVID-19 Policy

This is a comprehensive Coronavirus Policy for all Together casas to ensure the safety of homeowners, organizers and guests.

Please note that your organizer may add additional measures to ensure the safety of the household, however all protocols outlined in this document must be performed for each Together casa.


Before arrival

All people looking to join a Together casa must agree to the following procedures prior to arrival:
- Quarantine in place for 7 days. Do not expose yourself to people outside your home environment.
- Provide your organizer a negative COVID-19 test within 5 days of your arrival.
- Bring any relevant supplies for your entire stay. Masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.


Please adhere to the following in-flight protocols:
- Wear an N95 mask on your flight. If not possible, then please wear a surgical or cloth mask that is securely fastened to your face.
- Do not eat or remove your mask during your flight. Please do this before or after your flight.
- Remain socially distant from other travelers, especially if the are not wearing a mask.


After you land, there will be a few options for transportation to your Together casa. Ask your organizer about coordinating a ride. There may be house members that have rental cars that could pick you up. If there is no such option, then Uber/Lyft will be totally ok, however please adhere the same policies as you followed in the "In-Flight" section to keep yourself safe in the ride over.

When you arrive to your Together casa, we encourage you to wash your hands immediately upon arrival. After you're settled in, take a shower and swap out the clothes you were wearing on your flight.

COVID-19 Response Plan


It's everybody's personal responsibility to themselves and the group as a whole to be on the lookout for potential symptoms of COVID-19. See the symptoms of coronavirus here. Whether you feel the symptoms yourself or feel somebody else could have symptoms, please let your organizer know directly so they can handle the situation further.


After identifying any potential symptoms, it will be your responsibility to share this information with your organizer. Do not worry, you're not in any trouble if you didn't break any of the COVID-19 procedures. It's best if you share early and fast to ensure the safety of everyone.

If you see somebody else with symptoms then share this information with your organizer as soon as possible so the situation can be addressed.

If the organizer or several members of the household are concerned for their safety regarding the state of another house member, then that person must get a test. No exceptions. Failure to get a test will result in being removed from the Together casa immediately. No refunds.

After you receive your test, you'll be asked to quarantine in your bedroom until you get your results back.


If you test negative, then you'll be free to continue your experience at the Together casa.

If you test positive, then we will assist you in finding a nearby Airbnb or hotel where you'll then have to quarantine in place until you test negative.

During this quarantine, if you find yourself in need of any assistance then please stay in contact with your organizer. They will help you with any accommodations or questions in helping you through this troublesome time.


Treatment will range depending on the severity of your case. If you struggle to breath or have any of the other severe symptoms, then medical attention will be called for immediately. If your symptoms are mild or non-existent, then you'll probably be ok and treatment will largely be unnecessary.

Policy Violations

Depending on the severity of the violation you may be removed from the Together casa you're a part of. The punishment will be determined by the organizer or by an overwhelming majority of other guests at the Together casa. If you are removed, there is no recourse nor refunds for your stay.

Please do not violate this COVID-19 Policy for the sake of the others that you'll be living with.