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Live with a community of people just like you

Together helps people organize or join a community focused living experience

This past year was a lonely and troublesome part of our existence. We were locked inside our homes and left uninspired. Building things can be isolating enough — now this.

Together is inclusive community based living for founders, product builders and investors. It’s understood that the environment you’re in defines who you are. We believe that surrounding yourself with other like-minded people can give you a true sense of belonging while accomplishing your wildest dreams.

You never know when you’re gonna get locked down again. Live with the right people.
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Are you a founder, product builder or early stage investor? Join us from now until March in Salt Lake City!
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Step 1: Apply to be an organizer
Want to start a short-term community focused tech house? Click the link below to get started.
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Step 2: Set your house values & pick a location
Decide on the values, goals & purpose of your experience then choose where you'd like to go.
Step 3: We’ll handle all the logistics
We'll help you find people that suit the vision of the experience then help you with finding a great house. We'll also give you some great tools to help you manage it all.
Step 4: Start your house!  🎉
Launch your awesome experience and live with other like-minded people!
Our goal is to help you start a unique community focused co-living experience.
Organize the next house
Organizing a co-living experience can be overwhelming. Together gives you the tools to put you in control of payments, scheduling, bookings, policies, house governance & liability assurances.
Manage your house in one spot
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